Each workshop listed is a 1 day event, unless otherwise noted.

1. Smarter Science

(K-12 Teachers) *3 full day workshops

Ready to discover a framework for teaching science that emphasizes process rather than content? This inquiry-based approach builds upon the natural curiosity of students and helps them approach a question in the same way that a scientist would. These tools are also readily adaptable for any subject beyond science. The three days cover the following topics: Workshop 1 – Introduction to Smarter Science; Workshop 2 – Assessment and Evaluation of Inquiry; Workshop 3 – Innovation and Creativity through Inquiry.

Dominic is one of two nationally certified trainers for Smarter Science. To book a Smarter Science workshop with Dominic, please call Youth Science Canada at 1-866-341-0040 x 236 or email him at


2. PRIME Approach to Teaching Math

(K-7 Math Teachers) *2-4 full day workshops

Find out how the PRIME series provides an invaluable continuum of learning for math, along with diagnostic tools to evaluate exactly where their students are. PRIME can be used with any math textbook and helps teachers understand how students learn math developmentally.

Dominic is certified to teach PRIME workshops and train other PRIME trainers. To book a French PRIME workshop, please contact TC Media Livres at 514-273-1066 ext. 2148. To book an English PRIME workshop, please contact Doug Morrow at Nelson Education Ltd. at 416-752-9100 ext. 3357.


3. Leaps and Bounds Toward Math Understanding

(K-8 Math Teachers)

Explore a ready-to-use curriculum that is ideal for classrooms where there are many levels of math aptitude. It is particularly helpful for students who struggle with math and is designed to bring a sense of success for everyone involved.

Dominic is certified to teach Leaps and Bounds workshops. To book a Leaps and Bounds workshop with Dominic, please contact TC Media Livres at 514-273-1066 ext. 2148


4. StoryBricks: Using LEGO® for Literacy

(K-3 Teachers)

Now, even your most reluctant writers will have fun learning the basic skills for writing a story! Using LEGO® bricks, figures, plates and special software, students work collaboratively to create visual scenes that they write down, photograph, publish and share with others. Using LEGO takes away any stress associated with staring at a blank page while trying to come up with something. Ready to see students excited by the process of writing and proud of the results they come up with? This is the workshop for you!


5. The Superpowers of LEGO®

(K-3 Teachers)

Did you know that LEGO has superpowers as a resource for your classroom? They can be used to teach not one, but three subject areas! In this full day workshop, learn how LEG®O can transform the way that you teach science, math and literacy to your students. You will learn how to use the LEGO WeDo robotic system to help young students master technology and robotics. You will also learn how to effectively use LEGO® to assist students in learning to write and solve mathematical equations. Everyone feels like a superhero when learning is this fun!


6. Everything is Awesome with LEGO® Math!

(K-8 Math Teachers)

Did you know that approximately 7 LEGO® sets are purchased worldwide every second? This popular brick can help students truly understand what numbers mean. Fractions are just a “fraction” of what you can do with LEGO®. Learn how to use them to teach geometry, data management, algebra, measurement, equations, number sense, operations and more.


7. Food Far and Wide

(Elementary Teachers)

Everyone is interested in food! Learn how to integrate food literacy into every subject of your pre-existing curriculum. Your little chefs can learn about topics such as: nutrition, reading labels, how to cook, geographical origins for recipes and environmental factors involved in food production.


8. Follow The Money

(K-12 Teachers)

Transform your whole classroom into a mini-economy in connection with a specific project that is ready to integrate into your curriculum. Students gain understanding of currency, borrowing, online shopping, taxes, buying supplies, the impact of counterfeit currency, selling services and more as they explore options in this project.


9. Making Interactive Boards Truly Interactive

(K-12 Teachers)

If your interactive board is simply being used as a high tech bulletin board, this workshop is for you! You will learn strategies for creating exciting projects in all subjects and have hands-on opportunities to discover how to create engaging material. (Participants should know the basics of how to use the boards.)


10. D-Code Math on the iPad

(K-8 Math Teachers)

Move beyond games and entertainment to explore how the iPad can be used as an effective instructional tool for teaching math. Students will discover features on the iPad that enable them to identify solutions, generate questions, communicate with the teacher and participate in a group discussion within a multimedia context.


11. A Number of Answers

(K-8 Math Teachers)

Does the range of math abilities in your classroom make you feel like you are trying to climb Mt. Everest without a Sherpa? Bring differentiated instruction into your classroom by learning how to generate open-ended questions and broadening existing textbook questions so you can reach everyone at the same time.


12. Miscellaneous Manipulatives

(3 Workshop Strands: K-3, Gr. 4-6, Gr. 7-10 Math Teachers)

Are there manipulatives gathering dust in your classroom somewhere? Let Dominic show you how to breathe life into these resources and use them effectively to help students form solid foundations for understanding new math concepts. From kindergarten all the way to grade 10, students do better when they can work creatively with visual representations to comprehend abstract concepts. Let’s put those manipulatives back to work!


13. One for All, and All for One!

(Gr. 9-10 Teachers)

Discover ways of working together as a team to create projects based on an integrated curriculum that covers a variety of subjects simultaneously. Strategies for assessing students will also be covered. This approach will save time and ultimately assist students in seeing the bigger picture.


14. The Science of Organizing a Science Fair

(K-12 Teachers)

Ready to learn about the Leidenfrost Effect and balloon rockets? Discover what you need to know to successfully organize a science fair at your school, and how to support students while they are working on their projects.


15. Become a Robot Wrangler

(K-12 Teachers or K-12 Students)

Build on student fascination with robots to teach problem solving and computer programming. Discover how fun this kinesthetic, experiential approach to math, computer science and technology can be! LEGO® WeDo is used for early elementary and LEGO® Mindstorms EV3 is used for upper elementary through grade 12.


16.  Grammaire nouvelle

(Gr. 7-9 French Teachers)

Go beyond memorization and learn to teach French grammar by creating a deep understanding of the underlying structure of the language. This new approach is based on syntax and text. The workshop will also integrate multiple technologies, including interactive boards, iPads and computers.


17. Indestructible Geometry

(Gr. 4-9 Math Teachers)

Find out how to effectively teach geometry through the use of dynamic geometry software such as Geometer’s Sketchpad, GeoGebra or Cabri Geometry. Students learn through exploration and by figuring things out for themselves. Can your students create indestructible structures? If not, its back to the Sketchpad!


18. Masters in Their Fields

(K-12 Social Studies Teachers)

Expand your students’ curiosity about social studies as they become historians, geographers, and economists in their own right.  Students learn to ask their own questions when they see an artifact or photograph—the same as professionals would! Working from these questions, they then begin to put their investigative skills into action through the use of a unique Social Studies Toolbox created by Dominic. The Toolbox can be scanned into a smartphone and includes 10 elements designed to help students find answers to their questions. Each element has its own video to explain how it can be used. Students learn to use social networks, databases and statistics, interviews, interactive panoramas, surveys, recent and historical newspapers, maps, photographs, paintings, drawings and trends on the Internet for their research. This workshop shows you an effective and innovative way to support students as they explore inquiry-based learning.


19. Podcasting

(Gr. 4-12 Teachers)

Info will be added soon!


20. Remarkable Readers: Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA)

(Gr. 4-8 French Language or French Immersion Teachers)

Would you like to discover an effective way to assess the reading skills of your students and learn how to improve those capabilities? Developmental Reading Assessment, or DRA, is a tool that helps instructors identify reading levels, accuracy, fluency and comprehension in their students. Once these are determined, it becomes easier to focus assignments to meet the needs of the students. Through DRA, three criteria are tested: fluidity, understanding, and motivation. Motivation is a key factor in learning, and this is one of the only tools set up to assess this.

To book a DRA workshop, please contact TC Media Livres at 514-273-1066 ext. 2148.


21. Abracadabra for Students

(Gr. 4-12 Students; Maximum 30 participants)

Give your students the opportunity to learn how to perform magic like a professional. The science of misdirection, the art of showmanship, the psychology of magic will all be revealed right before their eyes. Presto! Its all yours, right here!


If you don’t see the workshop that meets the professional development needs of your staff, send us a message and we will tailor one exactly to your needs.