We are a GREEN business!

  • Most of the workshops are available using videoconference, thus reducing the environmental impact associated with travel.
  • Meetings with clients and partners are often run through videoconference.
  • When travel is necessary, it’s done with an electric car. A discount of $50 is offered on workshop fees if a level 2 charger is available for recharging at the training location and a discount of $25 is offered if a regular plug is available to charge the car during the workshop.
  • Our office is equipped with a Level 2 car charger available for visitors.
  • We produce very little waste. Most of the waste is reused, recycled or composted at our office. The coffee is bought in bulk and we do not use a Keurig type machine in our office.
  • Our office is illuminated with LED energy-efficient bulbs.
  • Each contract and invoice is sent and returned electronically.
  • No paper documents are distributed during our workshops. You receive all the documents electronically at the end of the workshop.